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Terms of Service

Updated 9/9/2021, 12/7/2021 is an independent shopping directory of verified Mercari stores that have a history of providing above average customer service, reliable follow through, timely shipping and quality goods.

Our vision in 2021 is slightly different than when the Mercari Shopping Directory launched in 2017. Our redesigned website is able to accommodate more recommended stores than the few we were able to accommodate previously. 

How To Participate:

Mercari Shopping accepts Mercari stores that have completed Mercari's official verification process with government identification.

All stores applying for participation are required to complete a two page application process, followed by a manual human review to verify eligibility for participation.  

During the application process, Mercari Shopping Directory Collects the following information.

1. e-mail address. [We do not rent, sell, solicit with the e-mail provided. An automated process sends you notification when your application has successfully been completed, along with a link you can use to review the questions submitted and any issues detected with your answers and how you might be able to resolve them. This information remains attached to your application in the event Mercari Shopping ever needs to contact you after acceptance into the directory, regarding your store status and listing.]

2. We ask for your Mercari store web address (required). *

3. We ask for the current name of your Mercari Store. We use this when creating your listing in our directory.  Your store will be listed alphabetically within the directory, based on the name you have provided.

4. * We ask for the Mercari issued numbers for your store that appear at the end of your Mercari Store web address.  We use this to locate your store so we can manually verify the information you provided in your application to have your store listed in the directory.

5.   We ask you for the name you used when making your donation to the directory via Buy Me A Coffee. We use this only so we can identify your donation and associate it with the correct Mercari Store Application.

6. We ask you which Mercari Inc. badges you have been issued by Mercari for your store.  We ask for this information so we can include it on your directory page.

7. We ask you to agree to the Mercari Shopping Directory Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. (Provided on this page).

8. We utilize information you provided in your application for participation, Mercari Profile Bio, product keywords and related information to provide shoppers with relevant information and assist search engines in locating your information in the directory.

9. We ask you have many products you have successfully sold with via your Mercari store, to determine if you have met Mercari's limitations on new sellers. This is based on an algorithm of 27% completed and buyer rated sales out of the first 100 listings.

10. We ask you to tell us the generic types of products you feature in your Mercari store. We only use this information for statistical purposes. For the creation of hash tags and keywords.

We only retain the information you have provided in your application for processing of your application and incase we need to interact with you in association with your directory page only. We maintain a cloud based back-up of all applications, secured by Google Inc.

We do not sell, rent, or otherwise use the information you have provided.  In the event Mercari Shopping Directory is ever purchased and a transfer of ownership occurs, we will transfer that information within the limitations as required by the laws of California.

Mercari Shopping Directory is being provided as a free service without any warranties, guarantee; independent and with no direct association with Mercari Inc.  We are not selling you a service. Your use of the website and referrals is at your own risk and by using our website you agree to indemnify all associated agents, actors, operators managing the website, you also agree to pay for all/any legal fees that we may incur to protect ourselves in the event any legal actions are taken on your behalf, your agents against our agents, actors, operators, or actions we deem necessary to take against you for violating our terms, protect our rights, copyrights [any other legally allowed rights] and associated with enforcing these terms whether incidental, actual or implied. All legal claims are subject to arbitration, you agree that you waive any rights to engage in a class action settlement, and the laws of Los Angeles, California shall apply. All legal claims must be submitted within the courts of Los Angeles, California. 

Our website directory operates as is, without charge, without obligation; you acknowledge you have not paid nor provided any other form of compensation for any referral as a listed store or seller through this website nor to as a shopper to be referred to a seller or store on Mercari or participating sellers other non-Mercari specific stores, websites, marketplaces, social media. 

If you have requested to have your Mercari store listed in the directory, you acknowledge that you have not paid for placement into the directory, nor has the directory received any direct or implied revenue for placing your store listing into the directory.  Any claims arising against our agents, actors or operators is limited to the maximum amount paid of $0.00 USD, after any legal fees and obligations have been settled. 

We reserve the right now and in the future to modify, delete, remove any store from the directory for any reason whatsoever and without obligation to provide notification to you at anytime.  We also reserve the right to terminate the directory for any cause or reason without notice. 

These terms may change without notification.

In the event any changes, modifications, updates or the manner in which our service is offered are made, we will make a reasonable attempt to update them on this page or a page which may replace this page in the future, at our earliest convenience. Please refer back to this page for future reference. 

Additional limitations not included in this general information page may apply, in which you agree in advance to abide by those limitations also, whether inferred or implied and hold us harmless of all liability.

In the event any transfer of ownership, sale or otherwise occur, you as the listed store owner have the right to ask for your store to be removed from the directory.  You may also ask for your store to be removed from the store directory if you close your Mercari store, are suspended or banned by Mercari, or decide not to have your store listed by contacting us at 

Directory @

Due to limited resources available in the operation of this free directory, requests for removal and/or change and modifications to your page listing information and content as requested will be made at our convenience. If you need immediate changes or removal of you listing within 72 hours, we request a $5.00 processing tip, to help with the time required to make these requests. Tips are not tax deductible and can be made at Buy Me A Coffee.

Important Disclosures: 

Mercari Shopping,, Mercari Shopping Directory is not directly nor indirectly affiliated with Mercari Inc. Mercari USA. Mercari App.

No sponsorship, No Compensation relationship exists between, Mercari Inc. USA, nor participating Mercari sellers.

The Mercari Shopping website is a free service, developed and provided by SellerThink/RDG/RGAP Creative as an independent project.  

Participating stores are responsible for their own customer service, returns, products listed in their stores. The Mercari Shopping Directory is not affiliated with Mercari, nor any Mercari stores accepted for participation, and we are unable to assist you with any situations that arise between you and Mercari Inc. or any store selling on Mercari Marketplace.  Please contact Mercari through their app or website for all Mercari related questions, customer service and assistance. 

By participating in Mercari Shopping, owners of the Mercari stores are not providing any non-public information, paying nor receiving any form of compensation, nor making any kind of contract or agreement with, its affiliated websites, it's agents, nor any other kind of obligatory relationship.  We reserve the right to terminate, transfer interests, modify, change the services being offered for free, begin charging service fees in the future; remove any participating store, for any reasons without any notice, as no contractual obligations exists, are intended, nor intentionally implied.  

You as the store owner and seller on Mercari Inc. acknowledge and accept these terms as stated on June 1, 2021 (updated 9/9/2021, 12/7/2021) and any future modifications. No financial compensation has been received from you as the Mercari Store or by you the owner of your Mercari account, nor is any owed to you by Mercari Shopping, its representative, agents, any current or future affiliates, in the present nor in the future unless expressly stated in a future update to this disclosure and terms of service.  

Your participation as a store seller that requested to participate in the directory is 100% voluntary.  

Mercari Shopping Directory contains a single independent affiliate link.  This link provides new shoppers and seller's signing up on Mercari for the first time via the link on our website with a bonus offer from Mercari that provides a coupon or other special sign-up offer that you can use on Mercari once you have met their criteria.  This is known as a Mercari Code link. 

Mercari Shopping may at our discretion embed advertising or affiliate links in the future without notification in order to help compensate for the costs associated with operating our free directory of Mercari Verified Stores. is not responsible for Mercari Inc.'s timely fulfillment nor obligation to fulfill the sign-up bonus that Mercari Inc. makes available via the sign up link we use. 

By participating in Mercari Shopping Directory, you are agreeing to allow a screen capture generic image of your Mercari Storefront as it appeared at the time of acceptance for presentation globally via this website, since all websites require this permission when presenting images via the for presentation on the internet and world wide web. We are unable to update your store photo once accepted into the directory, however upon request via the method you requested participation, we can deactivate or remove your page. If we discover that your store is no longer active we may remove your store from the directory at our discretion. 

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