About Mercari Shopping Directory

About Mercari Shopping Directory

We connect shoppers with people across the U.S. to shop for almost anything from Mercari Authenticated and Verified sellers.

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Updated 1/14/2024


How does the Mercari Shopping Directory help you shop? 

We connect shoppers with people across the U.S. to shop for almost anything from Mercari Verified sellers.
All stores in the Mercari Shopping Directory have gone through the official Mercari verification process and received the "Blue Badge", next to the store name.  That blue badge means, the seller / store has submitted government I.D., a selfie photo, and verified their address and phone number through Mercari's verification process.  (Read more about Mercari's verification process on their website)

Why should I trust the stores referred by the Mercari Shopping Directory?

The Mercari Shopping Directory is currently not accepting new stores as of 1/23/2023 and only our founding members stores are being shown on our directory.  In 2021 we opened enrollment to all Mercari sellers until at least 2023, and in 2023 the curator of the directory was required to attend to the business of his family and we therefore removed all of the original participating stores. We hope to be able to accept to new Mercari seller stores to the directory in the near future.
All stores in the directory have been verified by Mercari and completed a lengthy application providing the Mercari Shopping Directory with additional details about their store, selling history and other relevant information.  We manually verified the information that each store provided to us before accepting them for listing into the directory. This means, you as a shopper may potentially have more relevant information and transparency by shopping from a store listed in the Mercari Shopping Directory.  
As previously mentioned, each store requesting participation in the directory were manually reviewed and verified by a real human, not an algorithm, to help ensure only reputable stores were accepted.  We committed to promptly removing any stores that Mercari determined to be in violation of their policies as soon as we became aware of them. (We haven't had any of the stores in the community that this kind of step or action was required.)
The current stores shown in the directory are top sellers who are also part of the original founders of the Mercari Shopping Directory. Because we are no longer adding new stores and will no longer be dedicating resources towards this project, we have removed any stores that were not part of the original founding members.

How do I find a store in the Mercari Shopping Directory?

The Mercari Shopping Directory provides multiple methods to find a specific store or stores who carry a specific kind of product. 
1. When you click "BROWSE STORES", you will be taken to an alphabetical index where you can select the letter of stores who have names beginning with that letter.  
2. On our home page, you can click the "SHOP BY KEYWORD" drop down menu. Click the name of the product or brand you are looking for and any stores selling those kinds of items will be presented.  The directory keywords were provided by the seller, and also selected during a manual review of the stores.
3. Are you looking for clothing?  Looking for a particular store on Mercari? Type it into the "SEARCH BOX" field, and all the stores in the directory who feature clothing in their stores will be shown.  If you entered a store name and that store is listed in the directory, that store will be presented. 
4. When viewing a store, look at the bottom of their page.  Each store has "Hash Tags" for products they sell in their store.  If you click one of the product hash tags on that stores page, you'll be presented with all of the stores in the Mercari Shopping Directory that also sell that kind of product. 
5. Looking for a friend or someone you met on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another social media platform, but you can't remember their Mercari link number, or you only remember the first letter of their store name?  No problem!  If they are in the Mercari Shopping Directory, simply search for the part of the store name you remember in the search box and see if they show up.
6. If you know the Mercari Store name, you can also try Google Searching the name.  We built the index to work with Google and other search engines to make it easier to find Mercari Stores listed in the directory.  In fact that is one of our visions for the Mercari Shopping Directory. We wanted to make it easy to find stores on Mercari without having to remember the number Mercari assigns to stores.

Does Mercari Inc. tell you who can be listed in the directory?

The Mercari Shopping Directory is independent of the actual Mercari USA Marketplace.  That means, we're not influenced by their decisions. Mercari INC. can not tell us to promote stores they like best, over other stores.  We do not pay attention to stores Mercari promotes on their marketplace, advertising or search engines.  We take an unbiased approach when it comes to stores listed in the directory.  We want to show you stores that have an above average reputation. Stores that have a history of quality customer service. Stores that run their presence on Mercari like a real store would. Sellers that respond to questions in a reasonable time, ship in a reasonable amount of time and who are committed to their Store. 
The fact that a store requested to participate in our directory says a lot about that store. They reached out to us, we didn't go looking for them, so that is a really good sign of a seller and store that is serious and committed to selling on Mercari.  

How does Mercari Shopping Directory make money?

Mercari Shopping Directory is free for sellers and shoppers to use. It's independent of Mercari so other than a single link to Mercari if you want to sign-up for the first time and receive a coupon from Mercari towards a purchase. We enjoyed being able to offer the directory free of charge. As of 2023, we may include some affiliate links, but currently there are NO affiliate links. 

How did Mercari Shopping Directory begin?

The Mercari Shopping Directory began as a Facebook Group experiment in 2017 that ended in 2020.  In 2021 we took what we learned from our "beta" testing and redesigned the directory and officially launched the official Mercari Shopping Directory making it available for new sellers on Mercari to participate. Our beta testing was limited to a small amount of stores, and we refined the process for three years. Our original store participants had sales well above other stores on Mercari. In 2023 we closed enrollment into the directory to new stores, removed stores that have been part of the project and have left only our founding member stores.

Should I trust the stores I find listed in the Mercari Shopping Directory?

Historically, stores participating in the Mercari Shopping Directory have excelled above  non-participating stores when it comes to professionalism and customer service, but we recommend you always take the following steps before making a purchase from a store listed in the directory. From 2021 to the beginning of 2023 we provided 5,000 shopper referrals to Mercari stores participating in the directory.
1. Always verify a store you find in the Mercari Shopping Directory, before you make a purchase. Stores and sellers change on every marketplace.  When you visit a store from the directory, check to see what kind of Mercari Badges they currently have. The Reliable, Fast Responder and Quick Shipper badges are the most important on Mercari.  
2. Look at their recent sales transactions ratings and customer feedback to see what recent customers and shoppers have experienced.
3. When looking at recent ratings in a store, look for a lot of recent cancellations by the seller.  A lot of cancellations can indicate that store may not currently be able to fulfill orders, had their account temporarily suspended by Mercari, or other issues that may prevent them from fulfilling a purchase at this time.
4. Read some of the "feedback" comments the seller has left for recent shoppers.  No one likes a rude or argumentative response from a seller or store, even if it is justified.  We expect stores participating in this directory to be professional, mature and courteous in their responses. You should too.
5. Message the seller on Mercari via their app or website with any questions you have before making a purchase.  We tend to agree with the old saying, "If it sounds to good to be true, then it is", and that has also been our experience on Mercari too.
6. Read the details! A couple of photos is not enough to make a real informed decision.  Did the store describe the condition of what they are selling? The sizing? The brand?  Does the brand in the description or details match the photos?
7. If you are shopping for an expensive or luxury name brand product, don't be afraid of asking the seller to authenticate it for you through Mercari.  Mercari has an authentication option available to sellers for a small fee.  (Visit Mercari Authentication Information)
The Mercari Shopping Directory, is simply another step you can take as a shopper, to find and locate stores that have an outstanding or above average history.  Stores participating in the directory, are sellers who actually want to participate and have made an effort to be listed, to be validated and verified, to have their stores manually reviewed, and have provided significant additional information beyond that requested by Mercari.

Why do stores on the Mercari Shopping Directory have links to social media and other marketplaces?

Mercari stores participating in the directory are generally advanced sellers. Some have been selling on other marketplaces for many years before deciding to have a presence on Mercari. For this reason, upon approval and manual human review, a link to a stores social media or other marketplace they sell on may be added by request. We implemented this feature in 2022 to help you find other items a seller may be selling somewhere else, but not on Mercari, or in case you want to follow them on social media for announcements and updates. Since we are independent of Mercari, we are able to provide this feature to the professional stores and sellers participating in the directory.

This page was updated on 1/14/2024

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