About Mercari Shopping Directory

About Mercari Shopping Directory

We connect shoppers with people across the U.S. to shop for almost anything from Mercari Authenticated and Verified sellers.

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How does the Mercari Shopping Directory help you shop? 

We connect shoppers with people across the U.S. to shop for almost anything from Mercari Authenicated and Verified sellers.
All stores in the Mercari Shopping Directory have gone through the official Mercari verification process and received the "Blue Badge", next to the store name.  That blue badge means, the seller / store has submitted government I.D. a selfie photo, and verified their address and phone number through Mercari's verification process.  (Read more about Mercari's verification process on their website)

Why should I trust the stores referred by the Mercari Shopping Directory?

The Mercari Shopping Directory only accepts stores into the directory who have been verified by Mercari and completed a lengthy two page application providing details that individuals only on Mercari do not provide.  This means, you potentially have more relevant information and transparency by shopping from a store listed in the Mercari Shopping Directory.  
A each store requesting participation in the directory is manually reviewed and verified by a human, to ensure only reputable stores are accepted.  We are committed to promptly remove any stores that Mercari has determined are in violation of their policies as soon as we become aware of them. (We haven't had any of the stores in the community that this kind of step or action has been required)

How do I find a store in the Mercari Shopping Directory?

The Mercari Shopping Directory is also "Key Tagged".  Are you looking for clothing?  Type in clothing in the search box, and all the stores in the directory who feature clothing in their stores will be shown.  You can also click "Key Tags", on a stores individual directory page, and they will bring up other stores who also sell clothing on Mercari.
Looking for a friend or someone you met on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another social media platform, but you can't remember their Mercari link number, or you only remember the first letter of their store name?  No problem!  If they are in the Mercari Shopping Directory, simply search for the part of the store name you remember in the search box and see if they show up.  You can also, check the directory alphabetically.  Click the store directory link and you'll see the alphabet.  Click the letter for the first name of the store, and all of the stores that begin with that letter, (who are listed in the directory), will show up.

Does Mercari Inc. tell you who can be listed in the directory?

The Mercari Shopping Directory is independent of the actual Mercari USA Marketplace.  That means, we're not influenced by their decisions. Mercari INC. can not tell us to promote stores they like best, over other stores.  We do not pay attention to stores Mercari wants to promote.  We take an unbiased approach when it comes to stores listed in the directory.  We want to show you stores that have an above average reputation. Stores that have a history of quality customer service. Stores that run their presence on Mercari like a real store would, that respond to questions in a reasonable time, and ship in a reasonable amount of time and sellers who are committed to their vision as a Mercari Store.

How does Mercari Shopping Directory make money?

Mercari Shopping Directory is free for sellers and buyers to use. It's independent of Mercari so other than a single link to Mercari if you want to sign-up for the first time and receive a coupon from Mercari towards a purchase, there are NO affiliate links.  In the future we may show adsense banner advertisements.

How did Mercari Shopping Directory begin?

The Mercari Shopping Directory began as a Facebook Group experiment in 2017 that ended in 2020.  In 2021, we took what we learned from our "beta" testing and redesigned the directory and officially launched the Mercari Shopping Directory making it available for new sellers on Mercari to participate.

Should I trust the stores I find listed in the Mercari Shopping Directory?

You're encouraged to always verify a store you find in the Mercari Shopping Directory, before you make a purchase.  Stores and sellers change on every marketplace.  When you visit a store from the directory, check to see what kind of Mercari Badges they currently have. The Reliable, Fast Responder and Quick Shipper badges are the most important on Mercari.  Look at their recent sales transactions ratings and customer feedback to see what recent customers and shoppers have experienced.
The Mercari Shopping Directory, is simply another step you can take as a shopper, to find and locate stores that have an outstanding or above average history.  Stores participating in the directory, are sellers who actually want to participate and have made an effort to be listed, to be validated and verified, to have their stores manually reviewed, and have provided significant additional information beyond that requested by Mercari.

Why do stores on the Mercari Shopping Directory have links to social media and other Marketplaces?

Mercari stores participating in the directory are generally advanced sellers. Some have been selling on other marketplaces for many years before deciding to have a presence on Mercari. For this reason, upon approval, a link to their social media or other marketplace they sell on may be added by request, to help you find other items they may be selling somewhere else, but not on Mercari, or in case you want to follow them on social media for announcements and updates.

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