Mercari Shopping Directory Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated 1/14/2024 uses a Google Provided SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) web address which encrypts any information that may be submitted through the website. Currently there are no sign-up features or other features being used by Mercari Shopping that require encryption, however SSL helps ensure your navigation between our associated web pages and Mercari or other third party links to help them remain as private and secure as SSL provides.

We do not intentionally track or use cookies to track or log any information via, however our third party website providers may do so and are responsible for how they handle such information, primarily Google and Tumblr which have their own privacy policies.

Our website is intended for US Residents only, and the laws of the United States of America. We may not provide any additional notice regarding cookies or other website implementation notifications to comply with non-US legal entities, including the E.U. as this website and the links pointing to Mercari Stores on this website are only intended for those currently and actively residing within a US community. You are hereby notified that if you are unable to abide by these statements, for any reason whatsoever, you may not engage, browse, or participate with the pages and links of this website.

You acknowledge your acceptance and agree to abide by all Mercari Shopping Directory Terms of Service and Privacy Policy even if you visit or utilize it in any manner through an indirect method including ad blocker, VPN, anti-tracking or cookie extension or browser settings that help you prevent any third party cookies, tracking, current or future technologies, proxies or others. does not provide, transmit, store nor accept any content (presently) that would require the acceptance of a privacy policy in general. We provide a screen captured image of a participating store, a few text details describing the items and features of the store, and a direct link to that store. The SSL encryption helps ensure a secure link and connection between our website and the store. Once you have left our website and are on a Mercari official store page, or third party website, you are subject to the terms of service and privacy policies of those websites.

Some features of the Mercari Shopping Directory use automated Google forms, cloud, website, SSL to manage key elements of our directory. Adblockers and/or VPN's may interfere with your ability to see, fill out or submit the application.

We do not request, store or share your information, unless required to by the laws of Los Angeles, California, United States of America.