Information for Mercari Sellers

Information For Mercari Shopping Directory Sellers.

What would it take to increase your Mercari store sales? That's the question everyone asks.

Mercari sellers waste a lot of time trying to promote their stores by posting links to their products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But that rarely works.

If you look at the statistics, for every hour you waste trying to promote your store on Social Media, you receive .003% views. That's not even a single view per hour. It takes multiple hours just for one person to click your product link, and then the "bounce rate", (98% of your visitors will leave to another store without clicking a product for details, clicking to see more of your products on the next page, or add anything to their cart to complete a sale, within a minute or less.)

What is wrong with this situation?

  1. There are no connections between your global connections between your social media and Mercari Store.
  2. Unlike eBay and other marketplaces, Mercari gives you a number for your web address and not your store name.  That makes it difficult for your friends and customers on social media to find you in the search engines.  You're a number, not a name.
  3. No one knows you. No one trusts you. Other than your Mercari Store, you are you have no consistent presence, and you're lost within a sea of all of the other number stores on Mercari.

Let's take a look at how the official US Mercari Marketplace shows you to search engines first. Then will look at how Mercari Shopping Directory bridges this gap?

Mercari USA associates your store with a number like: mercari-com/u/47897380983. Few customers or people in general can remember a lengthy number, especially for an independent store like yours. Heck, Mercari doesn't even allow you to call yourself a "small business".  Mention on your Mercari profile or during a chat with customer service, referring to your store on Mercari as a business, even a small business, and Mercari will begin threatening you, telling you that Mercari isn't for businesses and small businesses aren't allowed.

Likewise, no search engine on planet earth is going to refer anyone to a store called 47897380983. Currently, you're just another number in an endless sea of numbers.

The Mercari Shopping Directory helps bridge the gap by building your stores (Name) presence and online reputation. It helps search engines find your store, helps customers who know your store name to locate your store, and increases the likeliness that random shoppers searching on a normal search engine, using terms like "Mercari" and a particular product genre keyword or tag find your store name as part of the results on normal search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, 

Mercari Shopping Directory helps provide increased opportunities to present your store in search results, and that's always the ultimate goal.

We have several goals with the Mercari Shopping Directory.

  • Make it easier for your social media shoppers to find your Mercari store with only your store name.
  • Make your store name appear more frequently and above other stores in search engines.
  • Establish keywords and tag associations between the products you sell and your Mercari store, to help shoppers locate your Mercari store, based on the kinds of products you sell.
  • Provide you with a consistent web presence associated with your Mercari store name.
  • Help search engines associate your Mercari web address number, to your Mercari Store Name.
  • Help you expand your sales beyond your Mercari store, by providing up to three links to other marketplaces you sell.  This potentially allows you to have greater web associations between your Mercari Store name and your name on other marketplaces.  Point your friends and customers to your directory listing, and they can shop your Mercari store and three others of your choice.
  • Help establish a direct link and association between your Mercari store and search engines.

We do this by giving your Mercari store name its own directory listing page. Our directory presence has existed since 2017, even though in 2021 we rebuilt the directory and removed former stores. What this means is, the Mercari Shopping Directory is already well established within search engines as an association of the official US Mercari Marketplace. It also means that stores associated with the directory get "picked up", by search engines as a mutual association of the directory, but also as an association of your official Mercari store number web address. We use additional methods we created back in 2017, to create an even deeper relationship between your Mercari Number and your Mercari Store Name. We beta tested it for four years, and it works. It works very, very, well. 

Mercari Shopping Directory uses the KISS rule (Keep it super simple), by presenting only the most relevant and important information a shopper needs to know about your store at a glance.

Search engines want to know your store name, your store's identity, web address, an image to index into their "Images" search engine, a summary of your store profile bio, and key words (aka tags) related to the products you generally sell in your store.

To many keywords and search engines will disregard your post or promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Not enough keywords and search engines will just ignore your post like it doesn't exist.

Mercari Shopping Directory uses only the amount of keywords that the grandparent of all search engines, Google; wants. No more, No less.

Page Updated 1/23/2023

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